Mayor Newell Clark — Lexington, NC

I can not think of a more important time to have a proven leader represent our communities's interest in Raleigh, than right now. As Mayor of the City of Lexington for the past 4 years, I have had the privilege of working with Larry Potts on numerous county and state issues. Mr Potts is no stranger in Raleigh and will not be the typical “freshman” representative. We need knowledgable leaders, ones we can trust at their word and with the experience to navigate the political waters in Raleigh and Mr Potts fits that bill. I continue to marvel at his willing to serve and help our communities. It has been his forward thinking mindset coupled with a conservative methodology that have strengthened our communities and county.

Mayor John Byrum — Midway, NC

Larry Potts has the grit and resolve needed to serve all the citizens of District 81 in the NC House. His decades of experience as a public servant coupled with his demonstrated ability to understand and analyze complex issues have qualified him for this position, at this time. I have had the privilege of serving alongside Larry Potts on the DSS Board of Directors and EDC Board of Directors and have witnessed first hand his ability to participate, lead and conduct business in a manner worthy of a true servant. I wholeheartedly support Larry in his run for Representative District 81 in the General Assembly.

Garry W. Frank — District Attorney

A number of good people with good intentions and various reasons offer to serve in the General Assembly but it is crucial for Davidson County that we have EFFECTIVE representation in Raleigh. I have total confidence that Larry Potts will provide us with effective and competent representation. I have known and observed Larry for 40 years and his life history of honorable service to his community in the business, governmental and faith arenas qualify him to serve us well. I endorse him without any hesitation.

Dr. Ron Baity — Pastor — Berean Baptist Church — Winston Salem, NC
President — Return America

It has been my distinct privilege to know Larry Potts for many years. Larry has been a true conservative consistently. His voice is desperately needed in this hour as never before. We can be assured that Larry Potts will carry our true Davidson County values with him to our Legislative Building in Raleigh, North Carolina, without compromising his integrity

I can with fullest confidence recommend Larry Potts for your consideration. A vote for Larry is a vote to return to our deep seated historic Judao-Christian values.

David T. Rickard — Davidson County Register of Deeds

It has been a real pleasure to work with Commissioner Larry Potts, I will truly miss his wisdom and common sense approach to county government. I fully support his candidacy for House District 81, Mr. Potts has demonstrated the ability to always put politics aside and do the right thing for the citizens of Davidson County.

Tony Roberson

My family and I fully support Larry Potts as the next House of Representatives in the North Carolina General Assembly. Larry has been a great county commissioner and will serve the citizens of Davidson County and North Carolina with pride and dignity. He is truly a friend to law enforcement and criminal justice.